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Informed users are more likely to become customers. Our running cost calculator gives them all of the information they need

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Finding out how much a car costs to run is a major influencing factor in purchasing a vehicle. Implementing our running cost calculator equips your customers with all the information they will need. We are giving this tool away for free to all our customers.
What have you got to lose?!

Using the running cost calculator your users can enter their mileage to work out exactly how much it would cost them to own your vehicles. Through the implementation of this technology you’re engaging with your users on your website for longer, whilst offering them more tools with which to make an informed decision.

The longer a potential customer remains on your site the better, and by assisting them with the decision-making process, you’re ensuring that you offer a slick, professional, and helpful service.

The running cost calculator is one of a number of tools available to Spidersnet dealers, all of which are designed to not only make your website more user-friendly, but also to maximise your chances of selling more stock.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the petrol cost updated?

Petrol and diesel prices are updated each month with the current available UK averages for both.

Do I have control to update any of it – i.e. tax rates?

The tax information is currently populated from the VRM lookup which takes place when adding a vehicle to Autopromotor.

Can I have the running cost calculator on specific vehicles?

Not currently although we’re aware of this as a requirement and will be building this feature into the next version of the running cost calculator.

Can it be removed from my site?

Yes we can disable the calculator from showing on your site, just let our support team know and we can make it happen.

Which vehicles will the running cost calculator appear on?

The running cost calculator will appear on any petrol or diesel vehicles that have MPG and tax data stored against them.

What is the purpose of having this on my website?

We know that the running costs of a vehicle play an important part in the purchasing decision process for a lot of car dealers. By providing an easy way to get an estimated running cost of the vehicle we expect this to lead to greater interaction on your website and ultimately higher conversions.

How will I know if any users are using the running cost calculator?

We have set up event tracking on the running cost calculator so you will be able to view how many interactions there have been with the calculator in Google Analytics. Alongside this, we are running additional usage tracking to help us improve the tool even further.

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