Finance integration tool

More buyers than ever before are purchasing vehicles on finance. Today 80% of consumers are utilising finance options when buying new and used vehicles. Whilst some customers are happy to arrange their own finance deals separately, many purchase finance directly from motor dealers at the point of sale.

With the growing shift of buyers searching for cars online, hundreds of dealerships up and down the country are now integrating finance calculators into their websites. This enables them to offer a variety of packages and payment options to potential customers at the beginning of the buying process.

Which finance company to choose?

With so many different finance options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Spidersnet are proud to have partnered with two of the leading finance providers for the automotive industry, allowing us to seamlessly integrate their highly reputable and industry leading finance calculators onto your website.

What does a Finance Calculator actually do?

When a customer has found a vehicle that is of interest to them, they will want to have all of the important information at their disposal right away. They’ll want to know the spec of the vehicle, its features, its mileage, and, if they are buying on finance they’ll want to know what payment options are available. A finance calculator is a piece of intuitive and easy-to-use software that does exactly that.

A finance calculator sits on your website and essentially allows you to present your customers with the finance options available to them from the lenders you use.

Your potential customers can input their information – monthly payments, initial deposit etc – to find a payment plan that best suits their budget and needs. By allowing a customer to be in control of building their own payment plan you’re increasing the time they spend interacting with your business online.

leading finance integration

We integrate finance calculation software from two of the automotive industry’s leading providers – iVendi and Codeweavers. These two award-winning, innovative companies offer a suite of calculators, which are intuitive, look great, and help you sell more stock online.

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