Additional Website Features

We’ve got the essentials covered,
now you’re in the driving seat

Once you’ve chosen your overall website design from one of our 3 options, safe in the knowledge that you have the basics covered, you’re then welcomed with a large choice of website enhancements or ‘add-ons’ as we like to call them.

They’re all designed to drive you more enquiries and enable you to communicate better with your customers, and, best of all, you can toggle these on and off as you please.

Part exchange tool

More and more people are part exchanging their vehicles today. We have a part-ex tool which your customers can fill in to give you a standardised overview of the vehicle they’d like to trade.

Finance integration tool

Our integrated finance calculators are an incredibly important feature for our dealers. We’ve built relationships with some of the automotive industry’s leading finance specialists and we are able to incorporate these into your website with ease.

Service quotation tool

Many of our customers also offer car services as well as car sales. For just £25 per month, we enable our customers to provide quotes and take bookings for these using our service quotation tool.

Reserve It Now

We know that dealerships are now finding themselves in the position to have  to be able to offer customers ecommerce services. We have launched our NEW Reserve it now Tool to help with this. The integration will allow users on your website to reserve a vehicle at the click of a button, anytime, from the comfort of their own home!

Running cost calculator

We appreciate that running costs play a large part in the buying process for your customers. That’s why we’ve created our running cost calculator tool, which allows users on your website to enter their mileage and find out how much it will cost for them to run that specific vehicle both yearly and monthly. The more info you can arm your customers with, the more they will trust your dealership and the more genuinely qualified enquiries you will receive!

Additional monthly SEO

All of our sites are optimised for Google as standard, but we also offer a highly effective monthly SEO service for those dealers who are trying to make some bigger gains. Our team of experts work closely with you, conduct the necessary research and then go the extra mile to give you the best possible chance of gaining more visibility.

Pay per click advertising

Utilise the expertise of our in-house PPC team, who can target people searching for the stock you have, with a cleverly crafted advert that appears on Google search results.


Many customers struggle with putting across their company’s message in the right way. It’s hard to relay your message in a friendly and professional tone, with perfect spelling and grammar.
If this rings any bells, let one of our copywriting experts help you!

Facebook Page Optimisation

A fully optimised Facebook Page can play a huge role in a car dealership’s marketing efforts. For a lot of your potential customers this may well be the first point of contact with your business. So it’s absolutely vital that your page does all it can to help you transform Facebook users into customers!

Live chat

Our live chat service enables you to chat with your customers instantly and with ease. If they have a simple question or query, or perhaps want to make a booking, they can speak with you straight away through our increasingly popular live chat add-on.

Drone photography & videography

If you really want to stand out against your competitors, you may want to explore our impressive aerial photography and HD drone footage, which you can use to impressively showcase your forecourt from the sky!

Logo design

Our highly qualified design team can create a slick, professional logo for your business. Whether you’re in need of a simple logo refresh or you want something brand new!

Video reviews

Spidersnet has teamed up with Max Berry Productions to offer entertaining and informative video reviews. Allow us to help create fantastic engaging video content that can be used across your website and social media platforms.