We have a highly qualified team of expert web developers and designers who are dedicated to building the best possible websites for all of our clients. We focus solely on building websites for motor dealers, meaning we have managed to create a fantastic platform that is perfectly designed for use within the industry. All of this has lead to us winning numerous awards over the years for the services we offer both franchise and independent dealers!

Our search engine optimised, fully responsive websites are slick and stylish and we work tirelessly to ensure that each and every site we produce is of the highest quality. As well as our in-house web development and design team, we also have an array of marketing experts at hand to ensure that all of our sites are fully optimised for Google’s algorithms and the ever changing patterns of consumers.

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Here are a selection of absolutely essential features that every car dealer website must have! We are proud how successful our websites are when it comes to driving new business for our clients, and that is partly down to these important and impacting features that we are able to include in all of our websites. Click on the feature to find out more information…

Responsive Design

Stock Management & Broadcasting

Service Quotation Tool

Website analytics & Reporting

Ensuring that your website is fully functional on mobile devices is one of the most important things to bear in mind. Not only is it vital for your customer’s user experience, but Google has also taken to punishing websites that are not mobile friendly. That is why here at Spidersnet we ensure that every new website we build is 100% mobile responsive. That means that if you opt for a Spidersnet website, it will function perfectly on any device from desktop to smartphone.

As mentioned above, this is not only good for allowing potential customers to browse your site with ease, wherever they are, but it is also vital for search engine optimisation (SEO). If your website is not mobile friendly then Google will punish you by placing your website low down in search results pages. This means that you may well be losing out to local competitors in relevant search terms.

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  • User experience – Make sure everyone can experience your website no matter what size screen they are using.
  • Improved SEO – Having one website that adjusts to multiple devices helps to optimise your site for search engines.
  • More conversions and sales – If a user visits your website and encounters a problem on their preferred device then they may go elsewhere. If they are able to access and easily use your site on the device of their choosing then they are unlikely to switch to a competitor.
  • Ahead of the curve – In 2013 it was reported that less than 3% of websites were optimised to make the most of the mobile web. If you opt for responsive web design then you can stay ahead of the competition!
We can upload your stock to third party advertisers in no time at all! Save yourself many hours of work in one click. We have automated data feeds that send your vehicles off to selected websites from Autotrader and eBay to Friday-Ad, Used Car Expert, and more. If your dealership uses a Dealer Management System, we can obtain your entire stock list on a daily basis and send it on to the lead generating websites, making the process completely hands off for you.

This means that all you need to do is sign up to Spidersnet, allow our team access to your stock, and we can do the rest of the work for you. This means you have plenty more time to spend on more important matters.


  • Save time – Allows you to upload your stock to a wide variety of third party websites quickly and easily.
  • Increase exposure – Getting your stock in front of a wide audience has never been easier.
  • National leader – Spidersnet’s data feed service Autopromotor, is one of the UK’S leading vehicle management systems and is used by motor dealers up and down the country.
This feature will allow your customers, and users of your website, to effortlessly request the services you offer. They can select a preferred date and know the price and exactly what is covered offering them a fantastic user experience.

All they need to do is enter their reg and select from the services you offer and they can receive a quote in seconds. Once they have this quote they are then able to book your services then and there!

One of the most important aspects of your website should be your ability to analyse how your customers are using your website. Digital analysis of data is a huge part of online marketing and something that should not be ignored. Here at Spidersnet all of our websites are attached to Google Analytics accounts, which allow you, the dealer, the chance to analyse many aspects of your website.

The beauty of Google Analytics is that it is official and transparent and you get access to a whole host of data and useful information. Here at Spidersnet we have nothing to hide! From your dashboard, you can access Google Analytics and see not only how much traffic we are generating to your site, but also where it is coming from and more.

Features you get with the reporting tool:

  • Detailed dashboard
  • Stock management alerts
  • Enquiry tracker
  • Customer postcode log
  • 20 image upload
  • Video upload
  • Stock alert
  • Easy to use content management system

Here at Spidernset we also run regular Google Analytics workshops that are completely free, so you can pop along and learn how to use the software more effectively.


Here are some additional apps and plugins that are available to you through Spidersnet. We can integrate all of these easily into your website to help improve user experience and boost response, in turn generating more new leads for your dealership. We would highly recommend you give serious consideration to all of these fantastic additional features.

Enhanced Vehicle Data

Finance Integration

Video Spin

Live Chat

Spidersnet can now integrate with CAP data to improve your websites SEO, decrease stock loading times and improve customer search journeys.

If you upgrade to our CAP service then you will be able to populate each car ad on your website with a huge amount of relevant information to allow potential customers to make an informed choice when buying.

All you need to do is enter the cars registration and you will automatically have access to reams of data from emissions to used and future value of the car and it even pulls in new car data too.


  • Your customers will have plenty more info on the cars you sell
  • Easy to use and saves you time. All you have to do is enter the cars reg
  • Improves SEO
Although the vast majority of used car buyers require finance for their purchase many don’t take dealer finance, instead they often prefer the convenience of arranging finance before entering the dealership. By offering finance quotations online you’ll be able to compete in a rapidly changing digital marketplace and capture finance business early in the buying cycle.

By adding iVendi’s Quoteware module validated HP, PCP and LP quotations will appear within used vehicle adverts on your site. Customers will be able to search your stock by monthly payment and can change the deposit, term and annual mileage to configure their preferred finance deal before beginning the sales process with you. If they prefer they can apply directly online with applications being relayed on to you. The service includes animated videos to promote your finance products and ensure the features and benefits are outlined in a clear and concise

The addition of iVendi’s CarFinanceChecker module allows your website visitors to check the likelihood of approval for their chosen finance product without impairing their credit rating. You receive highly qualified credit-checked leads from your site in real time with the customer’s profile and finance offer matched against all the lenders you deal with.

This is a cracking feature that allows you to create a 360° HD video of your cars, whilst generating high quality images. This feature is easy extremely easy to integrate into your site and manage.


  • Save time and money and come out with a fantastic end product
  • Update your vehicle imagery in minutes
  • Do it yourself with easy to use solution
  • Video has the power to engage and increase a customer’ interest in your stock
This is a great tool giving customers immediate answers to their questions, which in turn increases their satisfaction level. You can greet the customer online, help them with their decision, pre-qualify them and start the sales process.

  • Provide show-room level service on your website
  • Real time answers relating to models, year and price
  • Schedule appointments and test drives online
  • Receive more online quotation requests
  • Change an idle viewer into an active lead


Here are a handful of reasons why we feel you should consider Spidersnet for your next dealer website…

Award Winning Service

Here at Spidersnet we have won a vast array of awards for our services over the years. In fact, in the last five years we have come away from award ceremonies with a total of seven prizes including the most recent ‘Website Design for Franchised Dealers’ and ‘Website Design for Independent Dealers’ prizes at the Car Dealer Power Awards 2015. To find out more about our award winning bespoke website design, click here.

Dedicated Team on Hand

There is one main reason for the amount of awards that we have won over the last half a decade, and that is our amazing team. We have fantastic, highly skilled developers and designers building websites, attentive account managers helping dealers throughout their time with us and a brilliant customer services team on hand to deal with any customer queries. You are more than just a number when you sign up with Spidersnet!

Top Quality Sites

The websites we build at Spidersnet HQ don’t win awards for no reason. Our industry leading platform is specifically designed for use within the motor dealer industry and all of the websites we build are all fully responsive, SEO optimised and designed to help dealers generate more leads than ever before! We are proud of the websites we build. Take a look at our online portfolio here.


Click on the images below to head over to the websites and take a look at some of our work.


See what these dealers have to say

Orchard Garage

“A fellow business owner recommended we contact Spidersnet to build and manage our website. From day one, Susie Ancell (our account manager) has been brilliant. She came and explained everything, kept in touch throughout the site build, answered any questions that came up, then came down to see us again when it was ready to go live, to talk us through how it worked. She is still always happy to help when we have a question and regularly keeps in touch. We have been trading for many years now and I can honestly say Susie and the team at Spidersnet have been by far the easiest to deal with. They listen to their clients. To us, customer service is key and Spidersnet have got it right.”


“My business has been immense ever since my bespoke Spidersnet website went live! I can easily say that at least 85% of our custom comes from the new website, and I couldn’t be happier. I have regular contact from my Account Manager and she has been extremely helpful in getting my site up and running and working well for me, she is very knowledgeable and keeps me informed with things I need to know. “

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