With the rise of internet usage, consumers, or more importantly, your customers, are now fully in the driving seat. When they’re on the hunt for a new car, 82% of your audience will turn to Google, perform a 5 second search and they’re then welcomed with pages and pages of cars they could purchase any day.


Given this high level of competition, it’s never been more important to have your dealership’s online presence at the forefront of your mind.  That said, here are our 5 top tips to ensure your vehicle’s stand the best possible chance of being found…


A strong website


It’s so important that car dealers, in this era of ‘Look on Google’, have a strong website. It’s essentially your online shop window, which is where the majority of your customers will find you and then (hopefully) give you a call to arrange a viewing.


A strong website needs to responsive so that it’s easy for your customers to navigate from page to page on a phone, iPad and laptop. A non-responsive website, which we still see all too often, will make your visitors frustrated and, according to research from Optimize Smart, they will decide whether or not to carry on browsing a website within the first 8 seconds.


Another crucial element for you to consider is the ease at which you can upload new cars to your website. You want to be able to snap your photos and have new ads added with minimal effort and fuss. It’s also important that you have full control over the content of your site so that, if you need to, you can easily showcase special offers and update your opening hours and about us pages etc.




Search Engine Optimisation – most car dealer’s biggest bug bear and usually, if you’re no expert, something which is best left to the experts.

According to Moz, “SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines” making it one of the most vital factors in your ability to be found by your potential customers.


If you’re tackling the obstacle of SEO yourself, Moz’s ‘beginners guide to SEO’ is a great place to start your reading.


There are a few hoops you need to jump through, but essentially Google’s ranking system generally favours sites which are responsive, intuitive to use, can be crawled easily and each page gives clear instructions to Google about what the purpose of each page is. So to perform well on search engines, you need to start with a website which is built with these things in mind. Spidersnet websites are built within the best practices to ensure they are favoured by search engines and provide the best experience to users – giving your dealership the best start to it’s online presence.


In order to help you and your dealership stay ahead of the competition and drive continuous growth to your website traffic we also offer our customers an SEO add on. As part of this our team of experts will work on your site every month to help you grow your online presence.


Google My Business


If someone has driven past your car dealership and wants to look you up online later on, the chances are, they will search for your business name on Google. To ensure you come up in the search results, you should have a ‘Google My Business’ listing set up. The good news is that it’s really straightforward to setup your listing. Simply visit this link and click ‘Start Now’. Usually, Google will send out a verification code to the address you have used within the business listing. This verifies to Google that you’re the registered business owner.


Top tip – Use high quality images within your business listing and show customers what your dealership looks like!




The overwhelming majority of your audience who are searching for a used car will end up on a classifieds website at some point during their search, such as AutoTrader, Gumtree or PistonHeads.


To ensure you have the best possible chance of being found by advertising on these platforms. There are also some popular, more localised sites in certain areas of the country (such as Friday-Ad in the South East)




Often something that are very overlooked are strong customer reviews. Buying a new car is a big decision and everyone tries desperately to avoid a dodgy car dealer.

You can easily reassure your potential customers that you’re a trustworthy dealer, simply by encouraging reviews from your happy customers. They can leave reviews either on your Google My Business listing or your Facebook page.


You can then use these in your marketing too, for example as a statement on business cards!




Spidersnet was one of the very first web providers in the car dealer website market. All sites are responsive, easy to edit and can facilitate easy feeding to all of the major classifieds websites you’d want to broadcast your stock to.