Some excellent features for your car dealer website

Too many car dealers these days either have a website that is not offering the right level of functionality, or they have a site that is overcrowded making it difficult to browse. We often see dealers with websites that have too many outdated or unnecessary features, which can cause problems in the long run.

Here are some fantastic extra features that can be used to great effect to take your car dealer website to the next level.


Used vehicle stock alert

This is a cracking little feature and is a great way of turning a casual web browser into a customer. If someone comes to your website and sees some cars that they like but that just aren’t quite right, then you may lose them to another dealership in the future. However, with this brilliant functionality they can set up a stock alert.

What is a stock alert? Well, this means that they can highlight what they’re after or select an ad which fits their brief. Then, whenever you add a similar vehicle to your website, they get an email directly to their inbox informing them of the new stock upload. They may still be on the hunt and this email could just be the bait that finally hooks them in. It’s great as the customer does all of the work for you and gets a very personalised alert that suits them perfectly!


Save and compare feature

This feature allows customers to take a number of adverts from your site and directly compare them. Users can compare adverts and weigh up their comparable attributes in order to make a more informed decision.
This functionality is in place to make it easier than ever for your potential customers to decide on a car. And if they’re able to make that decision easily, then they will be much more likely to actually end up making a purchase from your dealership.



Not only does this allow potential customers to compare vehicles next to one another, but it also saves all of these vehicles so that next time they come to your website, they will be stored for the customer to view once again. This means that if someone is interested in a car, but doesn’t have the time to make a decision there and then, they can come back at a later date and make their mind up.


Advanced search options

A lot of car dealer websites have a basic search function and for most small dealers, that is all that’s needed. This means that a customer will land on the website and generally they’ll be able to search for cars based on their make, model, and minimum and maximum price.

However, if you are a dealership that has a much larger number of vehicles, or you simply wish to offer your customers much more intuitive and detailed search fields, then you could opt for an advanced search option.

You’ll see these on bigger websites such as Ebay, Friday-Ad Motors and for example. Here at Spidersnet we can offer this functionality which can allow people to search for cars based on a lot more fields including the following:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Price range
  • Monthly price range Colour
  • Body type
  • Engine
  • Gearbox
  • Engine size
  • MPG
  • Insurance group


Service quotation tool

If your car dealership offers servicing then you will most certainly be interested in a service quotation tool. Some dealers will simply have a phone number on their website, encouraging people to give them a call to book themselves in for a service, however, this tool is fantastic and will revolutionise the way you organise your bookings.

Customers can come to your website, enter the details of their car, along with the services they’re after. They can then choose an available date and book themselves in. This takes out a lot of the leg work and allows you to manage your bookings in a much more manageable, much less time consuming manner. It also makes your dealership come across as a much more professional outfit and could lead to you getting more customers coming in for servicing.


Custom Sashes

This is a nice little feature that allows you to create custom sashes to appear over the images of your stock. This means that you can highlight any cars that are available at a lowered price and make sure people notice your special offers.

These custom sashes are easy to create and can be a real saviour to dealers. You can create sashes to make note of sold cars, offers and anything else that you feel might help you out along the way. 

Similar vehicles functionality

Another way to make your dealership’s website even more intuitive is to opt for similar vehicle functionality. Basically, this means that whenever someone is on an ad details page on your site looking at a vehicle, they will be presented with ‘similar’ vehicles at the bottom of the page. This means that they don’t have to go back to the used cars page to take a look at other vehicles that may interest them.

Lots of big websites, such as and Friday-Ad Motors, realise the value of this option and that is why they feature it on all of their adverts. They know that they key to ensuring a customer buys a car from you is to keep them on your site and offer them access to as many cars that suit them as possible.