InAutomotive report shows dealership salaries up 11% in 2019

Specialist recruitment company InAutomotive has released its annual report for 2019, revealing an 11.13% increase in salaries at motor dealerships last year.

The report showed that the average salary advertised on their site during 2019 for dealership jobs was £39,406 compared to £35,458 in 2018.

The report also looked at the average age of jobseekers browsing dealership jobs, showing that the most common age range interested in dealer roles was 45-54 year olds who made up 28% of the total.

The next most common age range was 25-34 (22.8%), followed by 35-44 (20.7%), and 55-64 (17.4%).

InAutomotive also took a look at the gender split across the industry, which revealed that 60% of people browsing for dealership roles were men, compared to 40% of women. However, this was a closer split than in the automotive industry as a whole, where 71.5% of jobseekers were men, and just 28.5% were women.

The recruitment website also ran surveys with 500 jobseekers to get a better idea of what it was that people were looking for when browsing for jobs within the motor industry.

Whilst dealership salaries seemed to increase by around 11% last year, according to InAutomotive’s figures, there were other roles that saw more significant increases.

The largest increase in wages for roles posted on their website was for Supply Chain Management positions, which were up an incredible 54.67%. Car Transporter roles also saw a substantial increase, with wages going up by 46.98%.


Some roles, however, saw a decrease in wages, with Automotive Graduate roles seeing a decrease of 19.77%, Car Buyer roles a decrease of 18.83%, and Service Manager positions seeing a decrease of 16.88%.

The report also revealed that the site had received over 6,200 jobs posted every month in 2019, which was a 2% increase on the previous year. However, the number of jobseekers searching for roles on the site increased by 7%, showing that competition for roles is growing across the sector.

To view the report click here.