5 weird and wonderful dealerships around the world

by | Apr 17, 2019


I’m sure most people would agree that at some point in their life, they’ve stumbled across some pretty weird cars. However, it’s worth pointing out that there are some very bizarre dealerships out there too! Spidersnet took some time out to discover the most unusual dealerships that exist globally, take a tour of what we found…


1. Forgotten 1990s Subaru showroom

This is an abandoned car dealership in Cyprus, that has been left behind brand new cars for decades. According to resources, it is believed, the dealership was neglected for political reasons, along with several hotels and restaurants in the same area, this was due to Turkey invading Cyprus in 1974.


Photo: Auto Blog


2. Luxury Car Vending Machine, Singapore


This buying method seems alien to you and me, however this 15 story tower in Singapore holds up to 60 cars, and it’s available to purchase on the day, the same way you’d buy a kit kat on your lunch break. Customers use a touch screen on the ground floor, to browse through the selection, before their car gets delivered to them via the lift. Let’s hope they never get jammed!


Image: Financial Times




That one took a while to type! The reason this dealership made it to our list is obviously in the name. Most people visiting this dealership are probably unlikely to be able to read or say the name of it.  However, this dealer is in fact UK based, located in Wales they specialize in Volvo sales.


Image: Hot Cars


4. Lings Cars


You only have to visit their website, to see how strange Ling’s cars are. It looks like something from the ’90s. However, Ling’s cars have amazingly turned their weirdness into a hugely successful business.  The owner originally from China has created ‘the worst website ever’, which resulted in a successful marketing surge for his brand’s awareness. 



5. Fuck Fiat

Sadly, the dealer has since changed the name, but we had to add it in there. In fact, there were once a number of ‘Fuck Fiats’ across Brazil, and the name comes from a German family whose last name was Fuck. Although the name doesn’t exist anymore it’s amusing to think there will still be lots of cars driving around Brazil, with Bumper stickers containing the original name


Photo: Jalopnik