Main Dealer

Websites for main dealerships often have to fit into strict brand guidelines laid out by the manufacturer. Take a look and see some of the Main Dealer websites that we’ve built here at Spidersnet.

MJ Warner

MJ Warner have been a main Volkswagen dealer since 1980 and have really evolved and adjusted to the changes in the market. They are very active on social media and use our social tools to help them communicate with their customers. MJ Warner were also the first customer to take up our Video Review Package, which allows them to show off their stock in a fun and engaging way!

PDH Cars Sussex

PDH Cars Sussex are the largest Fiat dealership in Sussex, selling both new and used cars. They understand that their website is a major selling tool, and as such they make a lot of their money through the live chat function on their website! Nurturing leads has never been so easy. 

Bartletts Seat

Barletts Seat are one of Spidersnets’ longest standing customers. We have worked with them over the years to create a website that not only represents them as a business, but is also in the parameters of Seats brand guidelines. The tools they have chosen to include on their website have really enhanced the website experience, which has helped them to convert website visitors into customers.

CMW Suzuki

CMW are a family-run Suzuki dealership that have been in the business for over 35 years.  We were able to work together to create a website that’s packed full of content and truly represents their business in the best light.