Innovative websites for caravan and motorhome dealers

We believe that the foundations of every website should be built on three things – Discoverability, usability and transparency. That’s why every one of our customers benefit from the below as standard, with every package that we offer.

Customer buying habits are constantly changing. It’s now more vital than ever that you’re able to remain flexible and reactive at all times, keeping up with modern industry trends, new technology, and the movements of your competitors.

For most caravan and motorhome dealers, your website is now the first port of call for a vast number of potential customers. Therefore, it must perfectly showcase your business and your stock at all times, whilst remaining easy to manage on-the-go.

Industry leading web solutions

Spidersnset has been building industry leading websites for caravan and motorhome dealers for over 20 years. We can work with you to build the perfect website for your specific needs and budget. Our innovative dealer management system Autopromotor allows you to manage your stock and website with ease all from one place!

Are you reaching enough potential buyers with your current provider?

Our extensive feeds list is the most comprehensive in the industry and allows you to reach 1.6 million caravan and motorhome customers. This means we can set up a number of feeds to a range of leading online marketplaces, allowing you to put your caravans and motorhomes in front of a vast number of engaged potential customers.

Does your current website design showcase your business?

Whether you require an out-of-the box solution, or something more bespoke, we take the time to understand your specific needs. Our team works closely with you to build a website that is stylish, user-friendly, and suits your specific requirements.

How easy is the day-to-day running of your business?

Our innovative dealer management system is designed to help you manage all aspects of your dealership online. Intuitive and easy to use, Autopromotor allows you to upload stock, broadcast your caravans and motorhomes around the web, generate customer invoices, and update your website, all in one place!

Can you manage your dealership on-the-go?

Our industry leading Autopromotor Mobile App allows you to manage your dealership from the palm of your hand. You can upload vehicles, edit listings, and broadcast your stock around the web wherever you are, using just your smartphone.

Are you making life easier for your customers?

Add a finance calculator to your website and allow your customers to work out the best possible finance deal for their needs and budget right away. We work closely with industry leading providers and can integrate their finance calculators onto your website with ease. As a Spidersnet customer you’ll also have access to Codeweaver’s Finance Calculators for FREE for the first three months!

We also offer you the chance to integrate a number of other features into your website. These include Reserve and Buy It Now features, Part Exchange tools, Live Chat functionality, and more!

Why should you choose Spidersnet?


Reach over 1.6 million customers - Spidersnet has the largest feed network in the industry!


Show off your caravans and motorhomes in style - Cutting edge, stylish website design.


You’re in control - Select a design and layout that best suits your needs.


Manage your stock and website with ease - Industry-leading dealer management system.


Your business in the palm of your hand - Innovative stock management app.


Cutting-edge technology - Finance Calculators, Reserve and Buy it Now functionality, and more!

We are offering a FREE website build for all new caravan & motorhome dealers when you enquire with us!

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