Volvo launches their first online car buying service

Life has just become more simple for Volvo fans after it was announced that the manufacturer has launched a revolutionary new online car buying service. Volvo’s new service allows customers to complete the entire purchase online and the company has called it the UK’s most comprehensive online car buying service so far.

Consumer behaviour has rapidly evolved in the last 10 years with people becoming increasingly confident in making the decision to purchase high value items like holidays and expensive technology over the internet. It’s fair to say the automotive industry has been lagging behind this trend a little, and Volvo feel that now is the time to offer this service to their customers.

“The consumer now has full control, delivered by the internet… We want to make life simpler for them.”

Jon Wakefield – Volvo UK CEO

Volvo aren’t the first company to offer this to their customers, with rival companies such as Tesla offering a fairly similar service. However Volvo claims that they are providing the most comprehensive and premium service yet.

Volvo Online offers customers a smooth, secure and convenient end-to-end purchase process, which allows you to do everything you would normally do as part of a traditional purchase. The service allows you to receive a guaranteed part-exchange price, whilst also allowing you to organise your financing. You can then sign the contract using the e-signatures facility, something that other manufacturers don’t offer.

The new platform was recently launched in the UK, which is Volvo’s third-largest market. Speaking at the launch last week, the brand’s UK CEO, Jon Wakefield, said: “We have clear evidence showing that of all Western European markets, UK consumers generally have a higher propensity to buy things online.”

He went on to say: “The consumer now has full control, delivered by the internet, and we recognise that. We want to make life simpler for them.”

Volvo won’t try to compete with the aggregator sites on price but will instead offer a more premium online buying experience that brings in the local dealer.

How does it work?

Once you’ve created your account with Volvo, you’ll be allocated your nearest dealer. This is who the transaction will be carried out with. You can then choose your preferred finance option and if required you’ll fill in the part exchange section.

Then it’s onto the fun part, choosing your car. This section offers you colour choices, and allows you to customise the car with equipment options and accessories. As you make changes online, the price will be updated, along with the monthly cost if you’re paying through finance.

Once you’re 100% happy with the spec and the price of your new Volvo, your car will be reserved, and you’re finance application will be sent. Volvo states that the entire process can take as little as 20 minutes.

Volvo has stated that they expect most users would want to speak to their local dealer at some point. Therefore, the system has been designed in a way that the process can be started online, and then finished in the showroom, or vice versa!