Volkswagen converts more Google searches into car sales than any other manufacturer

When it comes to car manufacturers converting Google searches into vehicle registrations, it’s Volkswagen that leads the way. Last year, the German manufacturer managed to convert 4.3% of its 4.65 million Google searches into sales!

New car registrations fell in 2019, and most carmakers saw a year-on-year decline in their conversion rates. And whilst Volkswagen maintained the highest rate in the country, they also saw their conversion rate fall more than any other. In 2018 Volkswagen’s managed to convert 5.7% of it’s 3.55 million searches into sales.

“While there is always high interest in new models from buyers, branded search results can be a turn off and are often ignored,”

Syed Ali – Head of performance at Honcho

This analysis was carried out by Honcho, who tracked the correlation between new car searches on Google and the number of units registered. This was to highlight how interest from potential buyers led to actual purchasing decisions being made.

Syed Ali, Honcho’s head of performance, stated that manufacturers who were looking to improve their conversion rates during the March plate change, should aim to make better use of the ‘real estate’ on Google search results pages. This is even more important for brand specific searches.

The top 10 from 2019

  1. Volkswagen – 4.31%
  2. MINI – 4.16%
  3. Vauxhall – 3.98%
  4. Mercedes – 3.83%
  5. Land Rover – 3.50%
  6. Renault – 2.90%
  7. Citroen – 2.89%
  8. Skoda – 2.73%
  9. Seat – 2.59%
  10. Hyundai – 2.43%

“While there is always high interest in new models from buyers, branded search results can be a turn off and are often ignored,” Ali said.

He added that manufacturers needed to make their search results attractive with up-to-date info, and that it was important to remove extra steps in the car buying journey. He also stressed the importance of re-marketing to buyers that are exploring a number of different brands.

“These measures,” continued Ali, “will keep their brands in consideration throughout and increase the online search to sale conversions.”

Back to the top 10 from 2019. In second place last year, after Volkswagen, was MINI who had a conversion rate of 4.2%, and after MINI in third was Vauxhall at 4%.

Mercedes-Benz came in fourth place, and were one of the only manufacturers to improve their year-on-year conversion rates seeing it go from 3.5% in 2018 up to 3.8% in 2019, based on 4.45 million searches.

Mercedes’ German rivals BMW didn’t even make the top 10, with their conversion rate coming in at 1.8%. However, BMW did receive over double the amount of searches than Mercedes, with their Google searches topping 9.1 million.

Audi received even more searches than BMW, with over 10.1 million being carried out last year, of which they only managed to convert 1.4%.