Update your Spidersnet website with our new advert layouts

More freedom and flexibility: Choose how you’d like your vehicle information displayed

You can now choose between three different layout options when deciding how you want the vehicle equipment to be displayed on your website. This new change gives you the chance to decide how your vehicle details are displayed offering you more control over how your site appears.

It also means your customers are able to clearly see the specific features of each vehicle, increasing your chances of making a sale.

The three layout options are below…


This offers an improved three column layout with all of the vehicle’s features listed in bullet point style with clean ‘tick’ bullet points. This option is simple and effective, and gets everything across in one go.


This option groups the different vehicle’s equipment and features beneath specific sub headings. These headings include things such as ‘Safety’, ‘Security’, ‘Entertainment’ etc. This allows your customers to find specific features more easily.


The Accordion setting groups the features in a similar manner to the Text Headings option. However, with the accordion option these categories are collapsible and expandable, to free up space and make your site look nice and clean.


If you are a Spidersnet customer and would like to change your vehicle details layout then just click on the button below and follow the steps to select the layout of your choice.