UK dealers sell used diesel cars faster than any in Europe

When it comes to purchasing diesel cars, UK buyers have the biggest appetite in Europe. A recent survey revealed that retailers in the UK sold their diesel stock faster than any other market in the continent’s top five biggest markets and Belgium.

Used car inventory and pricing software specialist Indicata carried out the research that looked at car sales in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Belgium last year.

The study complied analysis of 12.78m petrol and diesel used vehicles, and the results revealed that in the UK it took an average of just 48 days to sell these vehicles in both April and October. The demand for used diesel cars remained strong despite the sales of new diesel cars falling by record numbers in 2019.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) revealed that last year the sales of new diesel vehicles fell by a huge 21.8%. 

“It’s encouraging to see market growth in February, albeit marginal, especially for electrified models.”

Mike Hawes – SMMT Chief Executive

However, despite the fall in the sale of new diesel vehicles, the results of the recent research echo the findings of AutoTrader, who have reported that diesel vehicles remained the fastest selling fuel type of used cars.

In January last year AutoTrader revealed that 67% of the monthly top fastest selling used cars were diesel powered. A recent survey carried out by, revealed that one in four drivers in the UK would still opt for a diesel car when purchasing their next vehicle.

Indicata’s global business director, Andy Shields, said: “The speed at which used diesels have fallen out of favour for legislative and environmental reasons continues to challenge European dealers. It will take a few more years for the demand and supply of used cars to match the needs of consumers in individual countries.”

Spain was the most volatile and fluctuating market when it came to the average days taken for dealers to sell used vehicles. January had the highest average days to sale for both petrol and diesel vehicles, at 95 and 102 days, respectively. However, in June the average days to sell a petrol vehicle hit a low of just 60. The best month for used diesels in Spain was November, where they took an average of 68 days to be sold.

Germany and Italy had a tough time with used diesels with their average days to sale never coming below 70 and 77 days, respectively.