MOTs and servicing: Which town is the cheapest and which is the most expensive?

Jun 18, 2019

As most dealers are aware, MOTs and servicing costs vary from dealership to dealership. The price of a servicing is something that’s set by the business themselves, which has led to a fluctuation in price depending on where you live. But now you can find out the most expensive, and the cheapest, places to get your vehicle serviced in the country.

Recent research, carried out by, has revealed the average costs of MOTs and servicing in different towns and cities. Their results revealed that in some parts of England and Wales people are paying up to 60% more than in others.

The hardest hit people in the country, as revealed by the data, are those living in Newham, London. The average cost of MOT and servicing in Newham is £232.92, whilst those living in the cheapest area – Penzance, Cornwall – are paying just £138.93, which is a difference of £93.99.

Their results have revealed that the five most expensive areas in England and Wales are:

  1. Newham, London – £232.92
  2. Camden, London – £228.17
  3. Braintree, Essex – £225.23
  4. Horsham, Surrey – £216.39
  5. Tower Hamlets, London – £216.24

Three of the most expensive spots are in Lonon.

The cheapest place in England and Wales: Penzance.

They also revealed the cheapest places for MOTs and servicing, which are:


  1. Penzance, Cornwall – £138.93
  2. Caernarfon, Wales – £141.91
  3. Bilston, West Midlands – £145.05
  4. St Austell, Cornwall – £145.50
  5. Diss, Norfolk – £148.17

Speaking to Car Dealer Magazine, Douglas Rotberg, the CEO of, said: “Unsurprisingly, prices tend to be higher in wealthier parts of the country. There is certainly a link between price and the number of garages in a town – competition drives down prices.”