Make the most of engaging, entertaining, and informative video reviews

by | Jan 9, 2019

Spidersnet have teamed up with Max Berry Productions to offer our dealers entertaining, informative, video reviews of their stock. These slick, professional videos offer you the chance to feature engaging content on your site, enhancing your customers’ experience, giving them an in-depth, close-up look at some of your vehicles.

Visitors to your website will browse your stock, read the descriptions you’ve written, and check the specifications of the different vehicles you have to offer. And with these video reviews, they’re able to see the vehicle out on the road, and hear the opinions of a dedicated car nut!

Some examples

Max, from Max Berry Productions, has plenty of experience in creating top quality engaging video content on the web. He has also already created a number of video reviews for Spidersnet customer MJ Warner. Below are a few of the video reviews Max has already created, giving you a great idea of the sort of videos we’re able to offer your dealership…

How does it work?

If you’re interested in having professional video reviews created for your dealership then get in touch and we can work closely with Max Berry Productions to take care of everything. Max Berry Productions are on hand to carry out all of the filming and editing required, leaving you with a slick, stylish product at the end.

These videos can then be added to your Spidersnet website, as well as your social media platforms, meaning you can share them with your potential customers, showing off the stock that you have to offer.


The importance of video

Research carried out by Luth Research and published by Google revealed that consumers go down a number of paths and experience a whole host of different digital interactions when searching for a new car.

There are often hundreds of intent-driven interactions that a consumer will make when searching for their perfect car. From Googling certain queries, to comparing prices and running costs, consumers leave no stone unturned during their search. One such avenue taken by many people online is to head to YouTube in search of video reviews. This means there is a whole other area of marketing (video reviews) that many dealerships are missing out of their overall strategy.

Some of the places potential customers go during their digital search for a new vehicle.

As customers land on your dealership’s website they’ll have a look at the photos of your stock, they’ll look at the pricing, finance packages and read your descriptions, as well as checking the spec. By including professional video reviews on top of all of this other information, you’re ensuring that you keep your potential customers engaged on your website for longer. These videos will work to strengthen your brand’s reputation in the mind of the potential customer, and will improve the overall user experience!

Furthermore, by posting these video reviews directly on your social media channels you’re able to put entertaining and informative content about your stock right in front of your target audience. They’re able to watch these fun, useful videos right there and then wherever they are on whichever device they’re using to browse.

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