iVendi Finance Checker Now Available to Commercial Dealers

Here at Spidersnet we want to ensure that our dealers have all the tools necessary to ensure their business performs well. And that’s why we’re pleased to inform you that iVendi’s online finance checker has been enhanced to allow it to cover commercial dealers.

We’ve installed this software on a number of our dealer’s websites in the past, and we’re now able to do so for our commercial van dealers. If you’re interested in having iVendi’s online finance checker added to your website then be sure to get in touch right away. Email us at admin@spidersnet.co.uk or give us a call on 01273 083992.

The finance checker can be added to van dealers’ websites to allow possible customers to check the likelihood of approval for an application for finance when purchasing a vehicle. The tool allows the buyer to check their chances of being approved with a number of finance providers without it registering on their credit file.

James Tew, iVendi’s CEO, spoke to Car Dealer Magazine saying: ‘The finance checker is a key part of our suite of products, giving the van buyer valuable potential information about their likelihood of approval with a whole panel of lenders without leaving a footprint on their credit file.

‘This allows the customer to look at the best deals that are available to them, as well as examining the effects of varying parameters such as putting down a larger deposit or altering the repayment period.’

As consumer trends change, more people are expecting to be able to get a finance quote when browsing for a new vehicle. This is because there has been an increasing growth in personal financing for car purchases.

This is why we’re pleased to announce that iVendi’s finance checker is now available to van dealers, who previously were unable to make the most of this fantastic tool. Van dealers are now able to offer finance quotations online, meaning they can now compete with rival businesses in the rapidly changing digital marketplace.

In a recent article written by the team at iVendi they stated that currently, only around 30% of independent dealers have a form of finance facility in place. This is drastically low compared to the figure of 65% for the top 200 dealer groups in the country.

James Tew thinks that this is about to change. He said: ‘Increasingly, used car and van buyers expect even quite localised used retailers to have a highly professional web presence. They assume there will be a high level of web functionality and your web site is actually now used to judge the professionalism of your business.

‘Certainly, for all but the smallest dealers, we believe that a finance calculator is a minimum requirement and that, soon, customers will also expect to see a choice of finance products and an option to make online applications.’

Advanced and Elite customers can have this tool added to their website free of charge and Express customers only have to pay a £50 + VAT one off fee. Email us at admin@spidersnet.co.uk or give us a call on 01273 083992 to find out more about how we can add this tool onto your website.


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