Get to know BuyaCar – A feed partner with a twist!

Here at Spidersnet we have a number of feed partners. You can upload your stock to Autopromotor and broadcast your vehicles to some of the industry’s leading car marketplaces with just one click, saving you having to upload your vehicles to each website separately.

One such feed partner is BuyaCar. BuyaCar has been online since 2002 and is a part of Dennis, the company behind Auto Express and Carbuyer. And, most importantly, it is a Spidersnet feed partner that offers something a little bit different!

In a nutshell:

BuyaCar only list stock from dealerships like you. You can list your vehicles on their website to reach a wide audience of car buyers. However, when a customer decides to purchase one of your vehicles it’s BuyaCar that actually buy the car from you. They then collect the car and deliver it to the customer on your behalf. They are unique in that they don’t deliver you leads, they provide you with direct sales.

The statistics:

  • BuyaCar receives 900,000 visitors each month.
  • 1 million subscribers across their different motoring channels.
  • Over 55,000 cars listed on the site.
  • Over 16,000 cars sold to date.

The benefits:


  • Completely free to list your vehicles.
  • BuyaCar simply asks you to make a £250 screen price reduction for each car sold.
  • Get your stock in front of Auto Express and Car Buyer readers – 40% of which are ‘in the market’ for a new car.
  • BuyaCar are the purchaser of the vehicle and are effectively your customer.
  • They connect you to the growing audience of people that only wants to transact online.
  • Reach a nationwide market – their average sale is in excess of 160 miles from the dealership.

The details:

So, the principal, as laid out above is that BuyaCar will list all of your stock on their marketplace and put it in front of Auto Express and Car Buyer readers. Then, when a customer wants to proceed with the purchase, BuyaCar will buy the car from you before delivering it to the customer. This offers you nationwide reach, allowing you to sell your cars to customers up and down the country.

BuyaCar only takes a £250 screen price reduction on your stock and they usually confirm the availability of the car, pay you up front and then collect within 7 to 10 days. With this being an online sale, they do require the vehicle to be well prepared and you will be required to complete a condition report. They also require you to provide each vehicle with a minimum 6 month MOT. You have no obligation to sell the vehicle, and it costs you absolutely nothing to list your stock on the site.

Set up a feed to BuyaCar today!

If you want to set up a feed to BuyaCar then it’s nice and straightforward. Just fill in the form below and one of our friendly team will be happy to help set your feed up for you…