GDPR: What we’re doing to prepare

Many people will have heard mention of GDPR around the office over the past few months. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new European privacy law that will take effect on May 25th 2018. It is essentially an update of the law in light of how much has developed with technology and access to information over the last decade, to make sure individuals’ privacy is protected.

Businesses will have a deeper accountability for the handling of personal data, which means that they will have to be very clear and specific about what personal data they collect and how they intend to use it.

Protecting our customers’ data has always been important to us at Spidersnet, but now we will be tightening our privacy procedures even more to ensure we are prepared for the law change come May. To ensure we cover all angles of the GDPR we have set up our very own Data Committee.

The data we collect from our Spidersnet customers is used solely to fulfill our contracts with our clients to build their websites. We do not share any of our customers’ personal data with any third party companies when building their websites – we simply build the websites with the content and data provided by our customers. All customer data is securely stored internally, and, following GDPR guidelines, the customer data we hold is fully transparent and accessible at any time to our customers.

We are working with our legal professional partners throughout as we prepare for GDPR. A key project for us as we prepare for GDPR will be re-working our privacy policies – to make sure we are telling all of our customers exactly how we will use their personal data in plain English so that there is no room for confusion or uncertainty.

The next six months will be a busy time for the Spidersnet Data Committee, but we are viewing the GDPR as a good opportunity to have a big data review across the whole business.

Ultimately, it will be a positive thing for everyone; individuals will have greater control over their personal data and businesses like us will ensure we market only really relevant messages to a highly targeted audience using our data sets, building greater trust with our consumers.


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