Fouracres of Thorney – Case Study

Fouracres of Thorney is a family run car dealership that specialises in 4x4s and has been in business for over 40 years. Having been a Spidersnet customer for a few years, the team at Fouracres recently decided that they wanted to upgrade their website and invest in a brand new Elite website.

We worked closely with them to develop a smart, pristine site, that was nice to look at, easy to navigate, and supremely professional. After plenty of hard work we’re as pleased as the Fouracres team with just how great this site looks.

View their website here.

We spoke to Vanessa Rice the owner at Fouracres of Thorney about how she found the process of working with Spidersnet.

Who are Fouracres of Thorney?

Fouracres of Thorney are based on the outskirts of Peterborough and have 40 years of experience working in the motor industry. They pride themselves on providing an unbeatable level of service as they work closely with their customers on a one-to-one basis to help them find the perfect vehicle for their needs and budget.

Specialising in 4x4s, their select range of stock includes Mitsubishis, Ford Rangers, Nissan Navaras, and many other makes and models. Seeing as they are primarily an online business, working mainly on an appointment basis, their website is even more important to them than for most other dealers.



“It’s the personal touch that’s so great. You’re not just a number with Spidersnet.”

Vanessa Rice, Fouracres of Thorney



Why did Fouracres of Thorney choose Spidersnet?

We spoke to Vanessa about why she chose Spidersnet as her website provider and she had this to say: “We picked Spidersnet because of what they offer and because of how great the staff were.

“We wanted a website that was bespoke and wanted somebody that would talk me through the process. When I spoke to Spidersnet, they sat down with me and told me I could have whatever I liked. I didn’t want the same layout as everyone else.”

When it comes to offering a good service Vanessa says that having someone able to help with assistance at all times is vital. “In my personal point of view, what’s important is back up for me if I need some help.


“I also think we are getting more leads because our website is more personalised to our business, whereas previously we had a restricting choice.”

Vanessa Rice, Fouracres of Thorney


“I’m not going to profess to be a computer genius because I’m not, but Spidersnet have made it so easy. Nothing has been too much trouble. Every time I call up I’ve spoken to James, Emma or Sarah and everything has just been absolutely brilliant.

“They’ve really helped me through the whole process, and they’ve offered lots of guidance along the way. It’s the personal touch that’s so great. You’re not just a number with Spidersnet.

“We used to have a website with Autotrader, and we’ve seen a difference since we’ve moved to Spidersnet. They put our stock to lots of different platforms, especially Car Gurus, and we get an awful lot of leads from them.”

The build process

After being a Spidersnet customer for a number of years, Fouracres of Thorney recently decided to rebuild their website on our Elite package. We asked Vanessa what she thought of the build process, and how Spidersnet helped her along the way. She was very complimentary saying: “The individual attention was great. They treat each website as if it’s their own, as if it’s their business, and they want it to look the best.

“Cost is a big factor as well for me, and the monthly payments Spidersnet charge is definitely a big positive – they’re definity much more cost effective than the others out there.”

Vanessa was also very positive about the level of customer service on offer saying that nothing was ever too much trouble. “James and Sarah liaised with Ivendi and MotoNovo – my warranty company, and took a lot of the stress off of me. Spidersnet did a lot of the work for me. I can’t think of any reasons not to use Spidersnet.”




The new website!

When speaking about her new site, Vanessa had this to say: “I think I like the ‘About us’ and the ‘Testimonials’ pages because they give people a little insight into what we are. We’re a family run business and there’s pictures there of the dogs and the donkeys, and the whole thing is very personal. It means people can see what service they’re going to get – a professional, personal service.

“I don’t think there’s anything about it I don’t like. Everything about the site is very good – it looks nice and is easy to use as well.

“I also think we are getting more leads because our website is more personalised to our business, whereas previously we had a restricting choice. We could only choose certain fonts and backgrounds etc, and now look at it! It’s personal, it’s about our heritage, it’s about the village, and it’s so much easier to use!”