Attention Car Dealers: Facebook is Now the Most Important Social Platform for Engagement Between Dealers and Customers

For many dealers, it may come as a big surprise to hear that, social media platform Facebook, is now the most important channel for engaging with customers. The news came from a data driven marketing agency, Marketing Delivery. They carried out a survey which showed that over a third of 18-54 year olds claim Facebook is their desired social network for following car dealerships, five times more than other social media platforms. Their results also showed that younger consumers aged (24-34) are far more likely to ‘follow’ or ‘like’ a car dealer on Facebook and that 13.4% of consumers over the age of 55 use the platform to interact with car dealers. Marketing Delivery also discovered that women are far more likely to interact with dealers on Facebook than men – 32% compared with 23% of males. Most business owners would agree that in this day and age there is an overwhelming selection of social platforms you can choose from for advertising, however, choosing the one which suits your industry and gets the right engagement is fundamental for success. Marketing Delivery manager, Jeremy Evans advised that: “There are myriad ways to engage with consumers through social media, but it simply isn’t cost-effective to pursue every opportunity.” He went on to say that marketing managers at dealerships should target their approach if they want to maximise their return on investment. Emphasizing how appropriate Facebook is for car dealers he says: “The overwhelming preference for Facebook in some UK regions makes it clear that many dealers are missing a trick when it comes to targeting local prospects. It should also be borne in mind that as Facebook owns Instagram, marketing initiatives can more easily be run in parallel – particularly valuable when targeting younger prospective customers.” The results from the survey clearly demonstrate the benefit of using Facebook to reach out to your prospective customers. But how do you use the platform efficiently? Below are some tips and advice on adopting Facebook as one of your business tools. We hope it makes a difference!

6 Tips for using Facebook to advertise your dealership

1. Create a business page It’s essential every dealership has their own business page, run by a staff member at the company. The purpose of this page is to provide a professional overview of the business. Ensure you add a recognisable profile picture, this could be a company logo enhancing brand recognition. It’s important your cover photo is engaging too, maybe you have a recent offer? Or a new product?

2. Add a call-to-action (CTA) button Facebook now offers dealerships various options for having call-to-action buttons on their business pages, which help speed up the buying and booking process for customers. Buttons such as ‘Book Now’ or ‘Buy Now’ can be implemented on the page, and it’s a great way to drive traffic through to your website too



3. Ensure your business information is filled out properly It’s crucial you include all the important information needed to enable customers to understand your business and easily contact you. It doesn’t look very professional having a half-filled page. These are the fundamental details which must be included within your page:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Hours of operation
  • Description of business
  • Mission statement/tagline
  • Link to your website

4. Regular posting and engagement Regularly sharing engaging content will allow you to attract more followers, increasing brand awareness. Content you post should always be consistent and relevant to the industry. As a car dealer, you should be posting things like: video testimonials of recent customers, employee interviews, blog posts and topics which you think you’re audience will take an interest in reading. Ensure current offers and new products are constantly being posted too.

5. Set up Facebook reviews Facebook reviews can be a really powerful tool for gaining new customers. Star symbols on your business page which encourage people to rate your dealership. The feature also allows customers to leave written reviews. The main advantage to enable users to discover your business if it has a positive reputation. A potential customer is far more likely to purchase your cars if you have a 5 star rating.

6. Consider Facebook Messenger IntegrationTransform your website by integrating a ‘live chat service’ which is linked with Facebook messenger within your business page. The tool makes communication much easier between you and potential customers with small questions being answered more promptly. One of the benefits of using Facebook messenger is that nearly every one of your potential customers will have a Facebook profile, making communications much easier.


Want to feed your cars onto your Facebook page?

Spidersnet offer social listing and website integration Spidersnet offers a social listing tool which gives dealers the ability to post their vehicles to Facebook and Twitter directly through Autopromoter, it also gives them a stock search app on Facebook desktop. Having this integrated on your website can benefit your business by exposing your cars to even more potential customers.