Employment in the Auto industry during COVID

InAutomotive has released its Year in Review for 2020. The review produces findings around the impact of Covid-19 on the industry. The report details how the pandemic has affected employment within the automotive sector.

From an anonymous interview with 57 automotive professionals in October 2020:

  • 37% unemployed
  • 9% furloughed or part furloughed.
  • 49% in current employment


Key findings also reveal how 74% of professionals were worried about their future in the automotive industry.

The review also uncovered the challenges of searching for a job during a global pandemic. the review shows how priorities had changed as a result of the events in 2020. The monthly average number of jobs posted to InAutomotive in 2020 was 1,213, a 76% decrease from 2019. With less jobs available, many jobseekers have shifted their career expectations, at least for the time being.

From an interview of 272 automotive professionals in December 2020, 60% claimed their priorities had changed. The top three reasons to why include;

  • The lowering of salary expectations
  • Searching for a better work/home balance
  • Broadening the scope of their job search to secure employment.

The review also looked into how professionals felt the UK government has handled the pandemic so far.

  • 23% believe it has been handled very badly,
  • 9% said badly
  • 30% were indifferent in their opinion.

One jobseeker said, “The motor trade has been badly affected by Brexit and Covid. The UK government has repeatedly refused to accept that the motor trade needs extra help for 2020 and beyond that to ensure people stay in work.”

Another jobseeker said, “I got sacked due to Covid, couldn’t get another job during lockdown and couldn’t get ANY financial support whatsoever. Gone into thousands of pounds of debt due to the government’s lack of support.”

If you would like to read the full Year in Review, you can download it here: InAutomotive-A-Year-in-Review-2020.