Dyson scraps £2.5bn electric car project

Oct 15, 2019

Last week British technology company Dyson released a statement to announce that it was cancelling its £2.5bn electric car project.

The company founder James Dyson revealed that the decision was made due to the fact that the project was no longer commercially viable.

The electric car that was expected from Dyson was supposedly going to be a high-riding crossover that would compete with BMW and Tesla. There was a lot of excitement surrounding its development, especially as it was set to be a British car, but sadly it will not come to fruition.

However, the car, that was due to be launched to the market in 2021, will never be released.

Dyson stated that the decision to pull production was not due to a ‘product failure’ or a ‘failure of the team’, but was merely down to commercial issues, and the fact that the thorough process to find a buyer had been unsuccessful.

James Dyson added in his statement that the company – that is best known for products such as vacuum cleaners and hairdryers – would now shift its focus to develop solid-state battery technology. These batteries, that were going to be used in their electric car, may now be adapted to be used in other products.

Whilst this decision to scrap the electric car project will lead to possible redundancies, Dyson revealed that the majority of the people losing their jobs would be redeployed somewhere else within the business.

The statement said this was possible due to there being ‘sufficient vacancies to absorb most of them into the Home business’. It also said those who cannot, or do not wish to find alternative roles, will receive support from the company.