Dyler Classic Car Listings | New Feed Partner

Spidersnet have an extensive list of trusted feed partners. We ensure that your stock will feature on the right sites to get your vehicles seen! For our more niche dealers, we have partnered with Dyler.
Dyler.com is a classified ad-free listing platform to buy and sell classic, exotic, and sports cars.


Dyler launched in 2017 out of the passion for classic cars. The idea of an innovative classified listing platform was then formed. A pledge was then made to the classic and modern classic car world. Placing ads and selling your car through our platform should be free, fast, and easy!

Over the last three years, the philosophy of “free, fast, and easy” has worked. These three small words have since helped Dyler.com form successful business partnerships. These partnerships with classic and modern classic car dealers are now internationally-recognised.

Dyler In a nutshell:


Since launching in 2017, Dyler has listed and sold over 10,000 exotic cars on behalf of private and specialist dealers across Europe & North America. Dyler is recognised internationally by classic and sport-car dealers. The platform has been developed so dealerships can easily list their stock on the website which also features a specially-developed and highly-accurate search tool. You also have the opportunity to use 30 high-resolution images of your car including restoration photos and documents of authenticity.

The benefits:


  • Free to advertise your stock on.
  • Fast & Easy advertising process.
  • Bespoke Profile Pages for dealers.
  • Special ‘Dealer Only’ newsletters.
  • Easy-to-use website featuring a specially-developed & highly-accurate search tool.
  • On-hand assistance from the editorial team to help you get the most from your ad.
  • Daily exposure to a global audience of car enthusiasts through their social media.
  • The opportunity to use 30 high-resolution images of your car including restoration photos and documents of authenticity.

The details:

Dyler is the classified platform connecting private sellers & specialist dealers with collectors to help them find their next gem in their collection. When you list your classic, exotic or sports-car with Dyler, your listing will be shown to potential buyers across Europe, North America and further afield.

If you would like to find out more information regarding feed partners, you can read more here on our Trusted Partner page. Alternatively, you can contact us.

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