CarCliq: How to create the perfect car ad

by | Nov 29, 2018

Founded in 2013, CarCliq has grown to become an established brand in the automotive digital landscape with its online agile lead generating platform that’s built on appearance and functionality, quality of offering, customer service, not forgetting emphasis on partnerships. CarCliq has over 150,000 cars updated daily, available for purchase, from over 3,000 trusted car dealerships across the UK from a range of dealer types from national franchised to small independents.

With over six years of experience in advertising within the automotive industry, CarCliq would like to share some words of wisdom on creating the perfect car ad with you.

In today’s digital environment, the buying process has completely transformed, as consumers like to be more informed before buying. In fact, it’s been found that an astounding 88% of customers use the internet to shop for a car.

It is therefore incredibly important that your car advertisements both on your own website and other advertising platforms, like CarCliq, show your stock’s true potential and effect a sale.


A detailed description

  • The more information the better, as this means you’ll be spending less time answering questions and more time focused on providing the best customer service to your potential buyer.
  • Your additional information on the car should include the official colour, whether a lady owner, pet free, smoke free and general condition, any recent major works.
  • Remember always be honest in your car advertisements, not only is this a legal requirement, but by doing so, this will save you time in the long run and will show to your buyers how trustworthy you are. These could be things like any scratches or issues that could need fixing to how many owners the car has had.

High quality pictures

  • Did you know, ads with photos of the car typically get twice the response of ads without? This is because photos influence the consumer’s mindset of imagining owning the car. Make sure the car is clean and hoovered.
  • Including images from different angles is great, especially in the interior of the car to see how much space, both the driver and passengers will have.
  • Importantly, make sure the images are all of high quality. This ensures your consumers are able to accurately see the condition of the vehicle, especially if there are any scratches or bumps mentioned in your description.

The car’s price

  • This is pretty obvious, but this is to ensure consumers are aware of how much money you’re asking for the car and how it compares to competitors’ stock in the marketplace.

Warranty information

  • If one of your car’s is under warranty, it’s important to mention what type of coverage the car has and how long for.

Maintenance and service records

  • A car with a provable service history in the form of a stamped service book together with invoices makes the car easier to sell. It is important that the car does not show any warning lights and is prepared properly for retail sale.


  • This is a major plus to add to your car’s advertisement – why you ask? Because it shows the added value the car has adopted, therefore being unique to the standard model. These could be from a brand-new DAB Radio, speciality tyres or new privacy windows.

Contact details

  • Of course, you don’t want to be doing all this hard work for nothing. So, make sure all your up-to-date contact information is included in your ad, such as your customer services number, an email and the address of your dealership.

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