Car Dealer Guide to Digital Marketing

by Nov 3, 2015Blog

Here at Spidersnet we have a dedicated digital marketing team comprised of experts in their field. It is these people that make our Free Marketing Workshops possible, and write our fantastic guides and advice articles aimed at assisting our customers with all aspects of digital marketing.

That’s why we’re here today. If you’re a car dealer, no matter what your size, there is always more you can be doing to ensure you’re driving the optimum number of leads to your forecourt from around the web. So, we’ve put together this handy resource that you can bookmark and refer back to whenever you need some help with your online marketing. All of these guides are taken from our fantastic Learning Hub.


Make sure your website is up to scratch

Having a website that not only looks nice, but is also optimised for search and functions perfectly on any device is absolutely vital for car dealers. In this day and age, with the way technology and consumer trends are adapting, your website is more important to your dealership than ever. Take a look at the following guides to automotive web design.

Get found on search 

There’s no point having a lovely website if no one can find it! That is why SEO – search engine optimisation – is absolutely key to your business. These guides are designed to help you when it comes to ensuring that you’re able to drive new leads to your forecourt from Google search results. We’ve had some great feedback on these guides, so make sure you take some time out to give them a read!

Learn the technical stuff

If you’d like to have a little more in-depth knowledge of SEO and learn a bit about the technical side, then the following guides will come in handy. They will clear up some of the technical jargon that you may have heard around the web, and they’ll also offer a bit more insight into what can be done to boost your dealership’s ranking in search results pages.

Use social media to drive new leads

If you embrace social media and utilise it to its full potential then your dealership will benefit greatly. We have so many dealers asking about what they should be posting to Facebook and Twitter, and how they can use these tools to drive new leads. Read the selection of guides below for a full insight into how social media can be a cracking tool for your dealership.

Analyse your results

Google Analytics is the perfect tool for finding out how and why your marketing campaigns are working. Read our guide below to see just how much information you can discover using this brilliant application.

Dealing with customers

Dealing with customers online is something that all car dealers should be able to do. Read these guides below for some advice on tackling customer complaints online.

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