Brand new British Motor Show to launch in 2020

A brand new motor show has been launched this week, with the organisers stating that it can be a huge success.

The British Motor Show will take place in August 2020 and will be held at Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre.

The new show has been welcomed by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) who went on to stress that this show is brand new, and in no way related to the similarly named British International Motor Show that was cancelled in March 2009.

The traditional motor shows are very static, very expensive shows – both for exhibitors and visitors – and we’re more about the dynamic element. It’s going to be so different to anything before.

– Andy Entwistle, Automotion Chief Executive

The British Motor Show brand was launched this week by owners Automotion. Their chief executive Andy Entwistle stated that he hopes the event will be a huge success thanks to backing from the UK auto industry.

Speaking at the centre, Mr Entwistle said: “The difference between what happened then and what we’re doing now is that was old-school.

“I think that the British motor show before was an example of a motor show that was struggling, and a lot of people are starting to say that about events such as the Frankfurt and Paris shows.”

After being held in both Birmingham and London, the The British International Motor Show was cancelled by the SMMT.

At the time manufacturers were recovering from the recession, and many pulled their support of the show as a result. Premium motor shows such as Geneva, Frankfurt, and Paris maintained their backing and continued to do well.

Speaking at the time the then chief executive at the SMMT, Paul Everitt, said: “In recent years the show has played a less important role in influencing new car buyers, and vehicle manufacturers are focusing their limited resources on events and activities that have a more direct impact on brand awareness and consumer decisions.”

The Goodwood Festival of Speed (FoS) benefited greatly at the time, after many manufacturers switched their allegiance to the event. It grew in stature and importance at the time with the added backing, and is still a popular event today.

It was announced that the British Motor Show will take place a month after Goodwood FoS, and will run from Thursday August 20th to Sunday August 23rd.

Speaking about what the British Motor Show will bring to the market, Mr Entwistle continued: “The traditional motor shows are very static, very expensive shows – both for exhibitors and visitors – and we’re more about the dynamic element. It’s going to be so different to anything before.”

He also added that the show, which will be spread across six halls, will include displays from manufacturers as well as classic car stands, supercars and modified cars on display.

There will also be a live-action arena, where displays will take place and there will also be driving experiences available for those under 17-years-old. The main stage will also host a number of celebrities that will be popping along.

“Manufacturers are producing great vehicles,” continued Mr Entwistle, “but getting customers into those cars to appreciate the great technology they offer is quite a challenge.

“They rely on dealer groups, and while some do it well, others just want to sell the car. Having a model here will allow manufacturers to properly educate people about their cars.”

Responding to reports of the new show, Mike Hawes, the SMMT chief executive, added: “We welcome all initiatives to promote the automotive industry in the UK and wish this event every success.”

A family of four to attend the British Motor Show will for “under £40” according to Mr Entwistle.