5 actions that could help your business in lockdown

In these unprecedented times, there is still the opportunity to continue to generate enquiries and sell vehicles online.
Your online presence is now more important than ever to keep your dealership in the forefront of minds of potential customers.
With a few tweaks and consistency, you will be able to see a return on investment from your time spent making these simple adjustments. The Spidersnet team can help advise on any updates to your website.
We have put together a list of 5 actions to help your businesses during lockdown and to adapt to a new way of selling…

Covid-19 Messaging

If you haven’t already done so, update your website with information stating that your business has taken appropriate steps to be COVID friendly. You can include new opening hours and ways in which you are still operating throughout the lockdown and how customers should get in touch.. Spidersnet can help by providing you with banners to add on your website, and set up a dedicated page to show this information. Click on the icon to contact us about Covid-19 messaging.

Reserve & Collect

Studies show that buyers are still purchasing cars, but in a different way. Add a Reserve & Collect function to your website to allow sales of your vehicles to continue. Reserve & Collect functions are available from finance partners such as Codeweavers or iVendi – Click on the icon to contact us to find out more.

Stay Social

Social media use is at an all time high. Keep your social media channels updated with stock and information about how your business is still operating through lockdown so users online don’t miss out on what you’re offering and know you are still open for business!

Upload new images and video content via Autopromotor

Update your website with new images and videos to really show off what you have to offer. Show-around videos of vehicles for sale are more likely to increase the chances of a purchase as buyers can get the best possible viewing of a car before making a purchase without actually seeing it in person. Videos are simple to add and one video can be added to each vehicle. Click on the icon to log into Autopromotor.

Multiple ways of communication

80% of the population now own a smartphone. The way in which to communicate with your potential buyers is very important. Offer different ways of contacting you including text, Whatsapp & video call and be clear about when you will be open. This will let customers know when they can get in contact or expect a response. We also have options to add live chat to your website so you can deal with any enquiries in real time – Click the icon to contact us for more information on this.