13 interesting figures about cars: From the first speeding ticket to the most popular car in the world

by | Sep 3, 2019

Here are some fun and interesting numbers about cars. From the number of people saved by seat belts in the UK each year, to the average amount a person will spend on cars in their lifetime, take a look below and see some interesting facts about cars…

5 – One car was stolen every five minutes in the UK last year, with over 120,000 being stolen in total in 2018.

6 – You can receive 6 penalty points and a £200 fine if you use a hand-held phone when driving. If you have passed your test in the last 2 years then you will also instantly lose your license.

8 – The UK’s first speeding ticket was issued to Walter Arnold in 1896 when he was caught driving at eight miles per hour.

55 – In 1916, 55% of the cars in the entire world were the Model T Ford, this figure is still a record today.

75 – Three quarters (75%) of all Rolls Royce cars ever manufactured are still on the road today.

80 – Of all the cars manufactured in Great Britain, 80% are exported around the world, with over half of these going to EU nations.

95 – A car will spend 95% of its life parked.

825 – The first car available to the masses, the Ford Model T, was first released in 1909 in the USA and cost $825.

2,000 – The Department for Transport estimates that in recent times seat belts save around 2,000 lives each year.

8,000 – On average, UK drivers drive around 8,000 miles each year, that’s the same as driving from New York to Hong Kong.

30,000 – The average car is made up of roughly 30,000 parts.

205,000 – The average car owner in the UK will spend £205,000 on cars in their lifetime.

40,000,000 – The Toyota Corolla is the world’s best selling car with over 40 million units being sold since its release in 1966.