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90% of car buyers read reviews before considering a purchase. Attract customer feedback through your website using Review Promotor.

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Good reviews can work wonders for your dealership. We want to give our customers the opportunity to build a good reputation for their business, which is why we have partnered with review aggregator Feefo. This means our customers will receive a 20% discount on all their services.



What is Feefo?

Feefo is a powerful feedback tool for your website which allows your customers to rate their experience with your dealership.
Your average rating and reviews are then made visible on your website and your social media pages for all potential customers to see.

In fact, 79% of online UK businesses surveyed reported that the main benefit of consumer-generated rating and reviews was that they improved site conversion rates.
If customers are constantly leaving your dealership happy then isn’t it about time you showcased that fact?

How does it work?

Customer makes a purchase
from your website

Feefo sends an email to the customer
to leave their feedback

Customer leaves feedback

Increase sales by displaying Feefo
reviews on your site

Gold stars are added to
Google Adwords

You can share feedback
to social networks

What are the benefits?


All reviews are from genuine customers.


Stop customers searching elsewhere for reviews, by posting them on your site.


Generate Seller Ratings in AdWords campaigns for .com & URLs.


Improve your on-site conversion.


Respond to any comments publicly.


Learn about the performance of your company and individual products.

As part of the partnership, Spidersnet customers will be able to take advantage
of an exclusive discount on Feefo’s services. What’s more is they have even agreed
to waive the set-up fee for our dealers.

Interested in any of these?

Get in touch with the team today