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Capture your vehicle from every angle with 360 degree car photography

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Make use of interactive 360 imaging to help you sell more stock. 360 Promotor is brought to you by Autopromotor and allows you to show off the interior and exterior of your vehicles in detail, helping your website stand out from the crowd.

By purchasing this package you’re able to download this innovative app,  which allows you to produce images that virtually place your website users behind the steering wheel, or allow them to take a virtual stroll around the vehicle, all from the comfort of their own home. 


Accelerated viewing experience

With this app, you can create two different types of images, 360 interior shots, and 360 exterior shots. Both are more interactive and engaging to your customers. In fact, according to statistics, vehicles listed with 360 degree images receive 42% more enquiries than those without

“Car buyers spend an average of 56% more time on vehicles listed with 360° images”

How does 360 Promotor work?


Once the package is purchased, this wonderful product comes in the form of an app, which is available to download on both Android and IOS. The app will allow you to add videos and images to your website effortlessly. Creating the footage is easy, however, the process is slightly different for each shot.


360 exterior shots

Creating exterior shots of your car is extremely straightforward. You simply follow the instructions on the app and stroll around your car with your phone in hand. You’ll then be able to produce amazing interactive shots that are scrollable on any device.


360 interior shots

Capturing interior shots involves a slightly different process. You need to use a special 360 camera, in order to create the slick, scrolling images you’re after. However these are extremely easy to purchase online, and available on shopping sites online such as Amazon. Be rest assured our friendly team will be on hand to advise you on what cameras are compatible with the app, along with recommendations on which models to go for. You can then allow your customers to view the interior of your vehicles, looking around as if they were sat inside themselves.


What are the benefits of using 360 Promotor?

  • Save precious time – With the 360 Promotor app, you’re able to capture all your angles in just one image, saving you time photographing all the different components of the vehicle separately

  • Receive more enquiries – According to Google, vehicles listed with 360° images, receive more than 42% of enquiries – it’s a no brainer!

  • Send personalised messages – The app allows you to send personalised images/videos to potential customers. By logging in, creating a walkaround video and talking directly to your customer before sending it via the app. You’ll also be notified by an email or push notification once the customer views the content.

  • Top quality user experience – Give your customers ultimate viewing pleasure, by virtually placing them inside your vehicle, or as if they were standing in your showroom.

  • Get ahead of your competitors – This technology is predominately being used by franchise dealers, who are ahead of the game when it comes to the latest automotive web products. Raise your profile and impress your website visitors by adopting the latest technology too.

  • Simple and easy to use – The best part of 360 promotor is how easy it is to use. You’re able to create incredible footage in moments, using literally one app. There are no excuses to say no.

  • Your customers will view your vehicles for longer – Research from Google proved that consumers spend 56% more time viewing vehicles listed with 360° images, this means they’re spending more time on your website, and you’re increasing your chances of a sale!

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