Our stock management system

Autopromotor is our latest and most innovative stock management system. Our system will allow you to focus on your business all in one place.

Autopromotor is your hub where you will be able to upload vehicles, manage your stock, broadcast to multiple marketplaces around the web, along with a host of other features.

How Autopromotor will power your business forward

VRM lookup

Uploading your stock is quick and easy!

When adding stock to your website using Autopromotor you just need to type the vehicle’s registration number and within seconds the stock management system will pull in all of the relevant VRM information. It will fetch the make, model, year, registration date, technical info and more, meaning you don’t have to spend time manually adding these details for every car you upload.

Drag & Drop

Add images, videos and docs to your ads with ease

You can easily add multiple images to your vehicle ads on Autopromotor. Simply drag and drop them into the stock management system and they’ll quickly be added to the listing. You can also attach a YouTube video to your ads, as well as any relevant documents you want from HPI certificates, to spec docs.

Bulk edit
your ads

Saving you plenty of time

If you want to quickly mark a number of vehicles on your website as ‘sold’ or want to remove a number of ads from your site then you can do this in bulk with ease. It takes no time to do this in Autopromotor, saving you plenty of time that can be better spent elsewhere.

Data sheets

Offer your customers more info from the off

You can easily download and print data sheets from Autopromotor for each of your vehicles. Many Spidersnet customers make use of this great functionality, to offer their customers as much information about the car as possible right there in the forecourt. These data sheets list the full spec and all other useful info about the car in question, helping your customers make a fully informed decision.

Broadcast your stock

Reach a wide audience of potential customers in an instant

Using Autopromotor, you will be able to easily broadcast your stock to multiple marketplaces with a click of a button. Spidersnet has built a network of feed partners, allowing you to choose where to advertise your vehicles.