Stock Management

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Autopromotor makes managing your most important asset – Your stock – much easier. Autopromotor puts you in the driving seat, all changes made on the back office are ‘live’ on your website the instant you hit the ‘save ‘ button.

We’ve made it easy

We know that if a system is not intuitive and easy to use it will be un-used and un-loved. Our online vehicle editing tool is easy to use and can do the following:

  • Add vehicles details by VRM look up
  • Enhanced DVLA data and CAP code
  • Add upto 20 images per vehicle
  • Add video to each vehicle

Additional features of our stock management system are:

  • For dealers with their own DMS we can accept a feed via FTP
  • Once changes are made to vehicle details they go ‘live’ instantly


Easy to use

Our back office is so easy to use, please ask for a demonstration from one of our account managers, we can do this over the phone once we have given you a user name and password.
When adding a vehicle you simply add the VRM and click ‘submit’ and all the essential information is filled out for you, then add extra spec and images and even a video and a price. Your vehicle is live on your site as soon as you ‘hit’ the save button and ready for sale!.

Stock loading

Using our software you can upload your latest stock quickly and easily. All you need to do is input the vehicles registration number and the DVLA linked interface will provide information such as: first registration date, make, model, engine size, BHP, body style, colour etc. From there you can personalise the car by selecting additional information including: added extras, sale price etc

Adding pictures & Video

Once you have uploaded the vehicles details, you will have the opportunity to upload up to 20 pictures of the vehicle.
We recommend that you take the best possible photos you can, we have a guide on how to take images that will help you sell even more cars online.
Video for each vehicle is now a reality, it is easier than you think to do, please have a look at our video guide, there are SEO benefits of this which in turn will drive traffic to your website.

What else can Autopromotor do for me?

Our involvement with helping you to sell more vehicles goes beyond your website. We can create a range of complimentary advertising and Point of Sale (POS) material for you.

Advert copy writer

For those dealers who advertise in paper this product is invaluable, our system helps you to create professionally written advertising copy at the click of a button.
The system is really flexible, allowing you to create different adverts for different publications. You can decide what information you want to show and it helps minimise spelling mistakes. Ultimately it reduces the time you spend compiling adverts.

In-Car Specification Sheets (or ‘Silent Salesmen’)

These information sheets show the vehicle’s specifications, price and other details.
These can then be displayed in the windscreen or side window of the vehicle. They can also be used as a hand-out for customers, or printed by the customer from your website.

Showroom Stock Lists

Our system can create detailed stock lists with full descriptions of each car. These are ideal hand-outs in your showroom, or alternatively can be sent by fax or email to your customers.
You can choose how much or how little information you wish to display for each vehicle.